Proviron (Mesterolone)

  • [1 alpha-methyl-17 beta-hydroxy-5 alpha-androstan-3-one]
  • Molecular Weight: 304.4716
  • Molecular Formula: C20H32O2
  • Release Date: 1960
  • Effective Dose: 25-200mgs/day
  • Active Life: up to 12 hours
  • Detection Time: 5-6weeks
  • Androgenic: Anabolic Ratio:30-40/100-150

Active substance: Mesterolone 25 mg

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Proviron is basically an orally active DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) preparation. DHT is 3 to 4 times as androgenic as testosterone and is, of course, incapable of forming estrogen. Also, Proviron is quite unique in that a simple look at its 4-ring structure will show us that it is not going to be too liver toxic, since it is not c17-Alpha-Alkylated, as many orals are& this modification (lacking in Proviron) makes drugs more liver toxic. Proviron has a 1-metyhl group added, instead.  Your body has a negative feedback loop which prevents your body from having too much DHT floating around(if youve been paying attention up to now from reading my other stuff, you already know this). An excess of DHT will eventually be changed into another (largely not anabolic) compound.

Proviron is 5-alpha reduced and not capable of forming estrogen, and also has a very high affinity for binding to the aromatase enzyme.


  • It improves quality and increases the sperm count
  • Compensates for lack of production of male sex hormones (androgens)
  • Providing a stimulating effect on the development of male sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics
  • Improves libido and potency
  • Stimulates erythropoiesis


  • Hypertrophy of the prostate
  • Hair loss
  • Headache


25-75 mg per day. Length is typically 2-4 weeks.


50 capsules, 25 mg