The trademark of Arrow-Stuck Snake presented the meaning as “the snake is poison” illustrated as the sickness while “the arrow” represented as the prevention and cure sickness so “The Arrow – Struck Snake trade mark” represented the quality that existed for more than 100 years. If this trademark showed on the product, it would represent the quality of products.

The British Dispensary was established in 1892 offering the modern drug store with full time pharmacist under the “Arrow-Stuck Snake” trademark.

British Dispensary with a registered capital of 60 millions baht, to operate production, made to order, distribution, import and export. The company was certificated ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in 1999 and was the first drugs and cosmetics manufacturer in Thailand to receive these two certificates at the same time.

British Dispensary develops products quality together with Brand Modernization and launching new products continuously while appointed sole distributor in Thailand. And we have joined The Department of Environmental Quality Promotion of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to reduce the threat of global warming. In addition, the company also encourages and provides knowledge to its employees to better take care of our environment.

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